Ultimate Android App to Find and Track Planes

Do you go abroad often? Here is an Android app which can track planes, search planes by number and display the live movement of planes. Plane Finder is an easy and useful Android app for those who are interested in aviation, planes, flights or air traffic control. If your friends or family are going bon voyage then you can simply know their exact position by sitting in the comforts of your home or office. Plane Finder is equipped with near real time “virtual radar”.

Feature of Plane Finder App

  1. plane finder android appPlane Finder displays the live movement of flights and flight paths as well
  2. You can search flights by flight number or get the detailed flight information such as – flight number, route, altitude, speed, plane type, airline, registration number etc.
  3. By using Plane Finder you can also know the technical information regarding the flights such as squawk codes, ICAO/IATA codes, ADS hexcode and heading etc.

How Plane Finder App Works to Find Flights?

Plane Finder which is developed by Pinkfroot, finds the flights by ADS-B plane feeds which are used by all commercial flights to transmit their name, position and destination. The technology used here is faster than radar and is used in some places for air traffic control and navigation. Pinkfroot Plane Finder team welcomes feedbacks from its users to improve the app and make it even more user-friendly.

plane finder

How to Download Plane Finder App?

Plane Finder Android app is available in freeware and paid version. You can use free version on trial basis and if you wish to use it further then can buy your copy of Plane Finder at just Rs. 194.81. Free version of Plane Finder has fewer features whereas the paid version is packed with fully loaded options that make your virtual tour even better.

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