Top App Search Engines to Make Your Life Better

With the digital space flooding with countless appealing and useful apps, it’s hard to resist the urge of searching and downloading the ones that fit your interests. Besides the pre-installed app stores that Android or iPhone come with, one might need an extra app search engine to quickly and easily search the apps they want to install. One of the major reasons to have such third party tools is the variety of alternatives they provide to make user experience better. If you have been having difficulties in finding your favorite app or aren’t satisfied with the variety, here’s the list of some most useful app search engines that you can rely for a better search. Let’s discover them one by one, shall we?




One of the most functional app search engines, the best part of Mobile9 is that it is compatible with a number of operating systems including Android, Apple and Windows. The platform has thousands of apps, ringtones, wallpapers and games for the users and boasts a user-friendly interface. Due to large database, the store is one of the top ranked mobile app search engines available in the market today.


AppsZoom lets you explore a number of apps based on their usability, reviews and recommendations. You can also search the apps according to various categories and interests such as music, learning, lifestyle and productivity. The platform lists the ranking and recommendations from users as well as from experts which makes sorting a piece of cake. The Apps Feeds feature allows you to share your favorite apps with the community of users and you can see their recommended apps while you’re at it.

Appszoom mobile app search engine


With a vision to ‘connect people to apps and apps to people’, Quixey quickly became popular among the smart phone users. The store presents a great blend of functionality and design and is one of the most dynamic and powerful search options available. With thousands of apps listed, the store provides an easy and reliable access to multiple apps while providing room for better engagement for the users.




A treat for the Apple users, AppShopper has millions of apps listed based on the broad interests of the users. The store also has a top chart on which almost 200 best apps are listed. The members of the directory can organize apps according to their preferences to check for prices and updates. The engine is only limited to Apple users which limits its use but it still remains one of the most-wanted app search engines.

mobile app search engine appshopper


A simple, great and playful app search engine, Appolicious has a broad spectrum off apps based on user interests. The engine yields best results of relevant apps based on the keyword entered hence making the app search handy and useful.  The sorting of apps can also be enhanced by different filters available on the engine to quickly access the apps you are looking for. Among other features of this extremely functional search engine, ‘Today’s Picks’ allows you to explore and download apps that are trending on the very day. The engine is available for both Android and iOS users which adds on to the popularity of the platform.

mobile app search engine appolicious


With millions of apps listed on board, GetJar is claimed to be the world’s biggest independent app store. From food to entertainment to finance to shopping, the store has a wide array of app categories which users can easily access and install. The app has more than 3 million downloads per day which is probably the reason of its widespread popularity.

GetJar mobile app search engine


An easy navigation and a user-friendly interface are two of the hallmarks of AppPicker. The engine features a list of ‘Hot Apps’ that are popular among the users which saves you a lot of time of browsing. In addition, the store also lists ‘App of the Day’ which clearly is based on the expert reviews. AppPicker also shows the apps that are free and are on sale to give a clear idea to the users about different apps.

mobile app search engine apppicker



The built-in app stores of Android, iOS and Windows might give you the liberty to access thousands of free apps but there are multiple third-party tools that can make your app search and hunting a lot more easy and fun. App search engines have become widely popular and a lot of users are relying on them due to the glitches and limitations of pre-installed app stores. Independent and open app stores have become the new thing in mobile app development and VeztekUSA is well aware of their potential. The company well understands their worth and has the right expertise to develop a unique app search engine for you. Get in touch today and discover the prospects for your business.