Top 5 Mobile Apps to help you Grow Your Business

In today’s digital era, mobile applications have initiated enormous possibilities to efficiently help businesses expand and further advance. How a company interacts and communicates now is very divergent from how it was in the past. How entrepreneurs approach their audience, how they create possible collaborations and how they conclude recruitment processes are all now simplified questions.

Therefore each and every business of today requires such methods and tools that would help them in connecting with people, improving their revenues, making more reliable strategies, staying in-line with all the trends, working effectively & expanding efficiently.

Therefore, we bring to you the Top 5 Mobile Applications which Help You in Growing Your Business / Company productively.


CardMunch is a very impressive mobile app which is available for free to download. It contributes efficiently towards the advancements of a business / company. The contribution may not be that important but it’s also not irrelevant. This is a very straightforward technology when usage is the concern. And moreover, it simply lowers down the burden of physically carrying all the business cards.

cardmunch mobile app

CardMunch app actually munches down all the data of your concrete business cards and stacks the information into digital contacts on your smartphone. All you need to do is, simply click a photograph of the particular business card with CardMunch mobile app. The information of that card automatically gets converted into a real-time digital contact. Additionally, the mobile app also displays the LinkedIn profile information and connections of that particular contact.

It’s not at all a bad idea to exchange business cards, but in this digital era where you can turn those cards into digital formats, makes your work easy. You can effortlessly stay in touch with people you meet while traveling or at conferences, events, etc.


Basecamp mobile app is a very secure and private on-line space. It’s a place where people can collectively work and systematically organize and discuss the tasks that they need to get done on a particular project. Responsibilities, discussions, deadlines, and files – everything is inevitably organized in Basecamp. View it all, track things down, discuss on priority and hence act on it easily.

Basecamp Mobile App

At any point in time, a new proposal / a project comes up, simply build a new Basecamp, name it according to your preferences, invite the people associated with that particular project, and just keep everything relevant to that project neatly arranged inside that created Basecamp. Consequently, everyone knows where every other thing is! All the people know what they need to do, and nothing slips through the cracks. Effective, isn’t it?


Basecamp mobile app also works over emails. People who do not prefer other communicative methods and are just comfortable over emails can simply reply to the discussions via any email mobile application. No hindrance at all and no need to log on to the Basecamp app.

This mobile app is used worldwide by all the best ever organizations across every industry. It is the only application that’s exclusively designed around some particular tools and methods easing out the business assignments and meetings. It further helps a business to develop and expand. Those tools are as follows:

  1. Basecamp supports a message board along with commenting threads. This helps to keep all the conversations up-to-date and in-line with the circumstances. Accordingly, the complete story stays tied together in a way that it becomes easy to follow & take references from at a later stage.
  2. You can also effortlessly coordinate your work with Basecamp’s to-do list feature. It allows you to break down the big blocks of work into easily digestible chunks / bits of lists.
  3. You can clarify about anything with your comments posting them directly in the Basecamp created. The comment section is designed in a way that anybody can respond over time or as and when their working schedules permit.
  4. Basecamp also enables spontaneous check-ins surfacing what’s on someone’s minds or what they have been functioning on or what plans they would take up next.
  5. Basecamp’s real – time pings & chats let you work swiftly, display and receive feedbacks abruptly, or just ask a question to begin a dialogue and initiate progress.
  6. It’s also possible to visually classify and save Images, PDF files, Google Document, and / or other files within folders. Hence, every team-mate can obtain what they require without having to ask for.
  7. All the check-ins keep following automatically on a daily / weekly schedule so you don’t have to personally bother anyone for the solutions.
  8. Basecamp includes a centralized schedule to keep a record of all the significant milestones, forthcoming events, deadlines, to-do lists and more.
  9. All the dates & other details are prominently posted.
  10. One can promptly add the Basecamp agendas / schedules to their Google, Outlook or iCal calendar.


Evernote is a compact package and an all-in-one solution that lets you store a huge amount of data / notes. It provides all the expected personal assistance helping a business to increase its productivity. One can effortlessly create notes, supplement images, videos, and other recordings through the application. Evernote also synchronizes the notes across both the desktop & mobile devices. Information is saved in one place for that smooth and safe admittance every time and anytime.

Evernote mobile app functions

It fundamentally acts like a digital notebook which you can use to keep a record of all your concepts and revisit them at any later stage. You can easily avoid forgetting any of the major tasks.

But do not remove Evernote if you think that it’s just another mobile app. It might sound valuable when you come to know about its higher benefits. Evernote doesn’t only list down the ideas you want to record but it’s relevant for many other extensive purposes. You can use it to take notes while on client calls, manage all your business data and also plan your content.

Do consider downloading Evernote as one of its best highlight, Evernote Business, allows you to collaborate with your team members. Other than that you can request your co – workers to connect with specific notebooks & leave their own agendas as well.

Apart from working productively on your business ideas besides your team-mates, you can also reach your notebooks when there’s no internet connectivity. Hence all your activities are restriction free.


Proven Hiring Moble App is a free to use and one-stop shop for small business contracting solutions. It helps the business to standardize their hiring methods and allows job posting to multiple job boards. Moreover, all of this results with just one click of a button on your smart phone. An individual can easily sort through the dozens of application acknowledgments in just a few minutes. It also highlights the categorization of aspirants into Yes / No and / or Maybe sections along with the FollowUp feature.

Proven hiring mobile app

This platform is best adapted for companies that maintain sporadic recruitment demands. For Example, Entrepreneurs / Restaurants/ Retailers, etc can make excellent use of the Proven mobile app to accomplish their hiring needs while also tossing between the other multiple business responsibilities. It saves time, money and efforts to a great extent.

The pricing of this platform depends on the number of jobs a business / company needs to post. It also relies on the kind of board to which the job posting is made. Costing differs from per job listing. The more jobs one posts, the lower is cost per listing. If one opts for premium job boards the price even shoots up.

A business / company can make a choice from across 25 job boards to spread their job listings. One can evenly and effortlessly explore, examine, sort (also filter the submitted CV’s) and communicate with the candidates directly from the mobile app.

Post about jobs, follow the applicants, filter & categorize according to preference, save time, money & energy, lead seamlessly and connect promptly – sums up Proven.


Running a small business / company is certainly a complex task and Wave understands it intuitively making each and every step comfortable. The more fortunate a business gets, the more intrusions it can produce. Chasing for the payments, trailing all expenses, maintaining the personnel and handling taxes etc makes the functioning even more intricate. Wave sustains to liberate you and your small business / company with intelligent, creative, active and integrated small business software solutions. It saves your time, money & energy helping you to run your business in a favorable approach.

wave-mobile app

Therefore in professional terms, Wave is a free and easy-to-use accounting software platform. Its design is explicitly for the small businesses / sole proprietors and / or self-governing contractors with nine or fewer employees. Wave mobile app lets the businesses / companies track their sales and purchases, direct the customer’s payments and / or receipts, credit payments to the workers, generate accounting reports, scan the invoices and more. It makes absolutely no paper clutter.

Wave has also lately added a free Personal Finance software. This helps the small business proprietors / owners to manage their finances only at one place.


Wave’s software is actually available for download on its official website. One just needs to create an account ( which is a mandatory process), to access its invoice & receipt – tracking mobile apps. These mobile apps are accessible and available for download in both the Google Play and Apple store.

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