Top 5 Internet Filtering Apps for Android

The inquisitive minds of our young kin is constantly pursuing new thing in this golden age of technology. With every kid armed with a smart phone, parents are constantly worrying what their children are probably getting themselves into. Nowadays parents cannot physically integrate themselves into every aspect of their kids lives every second of the day, therefore, they look for ways to safely allow them some space to explore their independence in a secure and monitored environment; even if the kids are not initially aware of it. . Here are some of the best internets filtering applications specifically for Android systems that will keep you off your toes for a while.


TheOnespy Android Internet Filtering Apps

This is by far the best spying application in the market today. With its top of the line spying features, you as a parent can be assured that your kid is safe from any online threats found. TheOneSpy has the capacity to filter out internet content on not only online browsers but also different applications developed for different sites like social media sites. By placing filters via keywords or complete sentences you can be sure that your kids with not find themselves exploring any mature content that is not made for them or has been allowed by you. Moreover, other than blocking any such content, the application also sends out notification to the parents so they can be aware of their kids developing interests.

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Android Internet Filtering App secureteen

Parenting teens is a never ending roller coaster ride that you are not in control of. However, there is a simple solution to make this ride a lot more pleasant for you. With SecureTeen you can be assured that your kid’s virtual and physical safety will never be compromised. Virtually, SecureTeen is capable of blocking any mature content on any Android browser that your kid is trying consciously or unconsciously to view. It also manages to send you vivid notifications about your kid’s online activities. Other than that, you can also place filters on the kind of applications that can and cannot be downloaded onto the android device your kid is using.

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Net Nanny

Android Internet Filtering App netnanny

Like any concerned parent you are never sure about whom to entrust the care of your children to. However with the Net Nanny filtering application you don’t have to worry about what your child is up to when he is constantly found logged into the virtual graphical world of the Internet. Net Nanny is fully equipped to not only filter website content before loading any site, but also is capable of blocking any porn websites from opening. Moreover, it is also equipped to block any unwanted application downloads that would otherwise harm the android device. Nonetheless, the best feature of the Net Nanny is its capacity to follow different time limits set by the concerned parent on internet usage.

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Funamo Parental Controls

Android Internet Filtering App funmao

With the Funamo filtering application, parents can now easily monitor as well as filter any activity that takes place on an Android phone or device. Its one time purchase allows parents to use it on an array of devices including Tablets as well as smart phones. There is a child safe browser function that blocks malicious content on a variety of android browsers including inappropriate viewership, downloads as well as uploads. It is also fully equipped to block any malicious applications from downloading themselves on to the android device. Moreover, parents can also keep checks on other functions like messaging, calls and media files on the android device as well.

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Norton Family

Android Internet Filtering App norton family

Norton family is another reputed internet filtering application that has received some very strong positive reviews from its existing users. With this application you can easily keep a check on what your children are currently exploring over the internet. You can also easily place controls and filters via blocking of inappropriate content over a variety of android browsers. Moreover, while the application will simply block any website that you have fed it to do so, it will also send you a system integrated email notifying you if the site has been tried. This way you can find the appropriate time to have the “inappropriate content” conversation with your kids. Furthermore, you can also pick and choose virtually any application downloaded on their android for keeping or discarding as you chose.

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Internet filtering applications have made parents lives easier and relaxed than before. With a new malicious application or website coming over the internet every minute, parents are always worried about their kid’s safety and cannot possibly manage to block every site individually. Therefore, with the help of these internet filtering applications, parents can simply just feed a bunch of keywords and pointers that the software will pick and filter before viewing any website or allowing any application to download itself on the android device.

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