Top 5 Dictation Apps Businesses Should Use to Optimize Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced world, the success of a business depends on its efficiency. Being able to churn out a product, answer a telephone call, or even send a letter might mean the difference between success and failure. The top five dictation apps below improve office efficiency with the ability to translate your speech to text instantly and accurately, without the need for a tape recorder or an office assistant.


#1 – Dragon Dictate (Android and iPhone)

dragon dictation app

Dragon is one of the most popular speech-to-text applications in the world today, and it even comes preinstalled on many of today’s new PCs and Macs. The Dragon Remote Microphone app for Android is easy to use. Simply connect to a Wi-Fi network and create a profile with Dragon Dictate. For iPhone users, Dragon Dictation works in much the same way. Users just tap the button to start speaking, and the iPhone automatically converts the speech to text.

#2 – Active Voice HD (iPhone)

active voice hd

Active Voice HD, available in the iTunes store for a one-time $11.99 purchase, puts even more power in the palm of the user’s hand. It boasts amazingly accurate speech-to-text recognition, and it allows users to send messages and emails without typing them out. This works amazingly well for business associates who need to respond to emails on the go, and it supports up to 34 different languages, making it perfect for businesses with international ties.


#3 – Philips Recorder App (Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry)

Philips Recorder App

Philips is a world-leader in technology and their Recorder App does not disappoint. It works with the Philips SpeechExec software suite for both PC and Mac, and it boasts many features that similar apps do not, which include file encryption, express recorder mode, SpeechLive online storage, file editing functions, attachments and more. Although the app itself is free through Google Play, iTunes and BlackBerry World, the SpeechExec Suite costs anywhere from $80 to $200 depending on the outlet.


#4 – DropVox (iPhone and iPad)


DropVox connects directly to a Dropbox account, which makes finding and retrieving files a breeze. The DropVox iPhone app is a one-time $1.99 purchase, and it offers only very simple functionality. It is best for executives and employees who need to send messages on the fly, or perhaps even create dictation for editing later. It improves efficiency by providing an instant outlet for taking dictation and then sending it to a popular online cloud service.


#5 – Dictadroid (Android)


The Dictadroid Android app will set each user back $3.99, but the developers packed many features into the app for that low price. Dictadroid is a lot like the iPhone’s DropVox since it simply records speech, but it can upload that speech to Google Drive or Dropbox, send it as an email or text message, or even send it directly to Quicktate, a professional transcription service. Quicktate also offers a free trial for those who are interested.


Dictation plays an important role in many business settings whether transcribing a Word document or even converting an important business letter from speech to text. With today’s outstanding smartphone technology and developers who truly understand the needs of a business, old-fashioned and time-consuming dictation is a thing of the past.


Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes about technology and other gadgets and gizmos aplenty. She currently writes for Total Voice Tech, her go to for all professional Dragon products.