Top 5 Cloud Storage Apps for Android

They say ‘Cloud is the future’. Recent technological advancement is not only making it obvious but also backing up the statement. Today, every biggest corporation in the world is switching from on-premise storage to cloud. Resulting more and more companies to offer cloud storage solutions in their portfolio. As an end user, choosing from this plethora of apps can be both bemusing and bewildering. Since data, personal or any form of data, is very valuable for many it is important to choose a solution wisely. Today we are going to have a look at the top 5 cloud storage apps for android.

Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Google Drive

Google tops the list by being one of the most reliable and widely used cloud storage apps. The catch here is, Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage per signup along with unlimited photos and videos from smartphone. They support out of the box Google Docs which is a best alternative for Microsoft Office suite. If 15GB is making you uncomfortable you can easily upgrade to 100GB ($1.99/month) or 1TB ($9.99) and to a maximum of 10TB as well ($99.99 per month).

Amazon Drive

Amazon is a proven player in cloud space, take their AWS web hosting (Amazon Web Services) which is very popular choice even for big corporates. Amazon Drive on the other hand is a cloud storage option which offers free 5GB storage per sign up. Unlike Google Drive, Amazon offers unlimited photos and video storage only if you are a prime member. You can unlock the unlimited storage option at $60/year.


This one is a new player in Cloud storage but, that doesn’t put it anywhere but on the top 5 list. Box has a lot to offer; starting at free individual plan which offers 10GB free storage to Business plans which unlocks more features. Using APIs you can integrate with most of the systems.

Drop Box

Drop Box is one of those company which was there from the beginning of cloud era. It offers 2GB of free storage per signup and you can upgrade to 1TB for $9.99/month or $99/year. There is also support for MS office files. The app is much evolved and is more stable compared to the rest.


The app from the home of the legend itself, Microsoft OneDrive is also quite popular when it comes to cloud storage. The catch is, easy integration with Microsoft products and most importantly office 365 subscription for paid users. You will 5GB free storage per signup and you can upgrade to 100GB for $1.99. The OneDrive and Office 365 bundle will cost you around $6.99 per month (1TB, one device) or $9.99 per month (5TB, upto five devices support).

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