Shazam: Smart Music Recognition Apps Helps Find Songs

Android applications have changed the way we used to interact with technology for information, media and lots more. Here is another awesome app- Shazam. Listening to a song you don’t know? Just relax and let Shazam do the work. It’s an android app to identify music, get lyrics and lots more. Whenever you hear a song you don’t know just allow Shazam to identify it instantly which is totally free and unlimited. Shazam is the quickest easiest and best way to discover music any where on the move.Now Shazam for Phone comes with a new feature LyricPlay™ which allows its users to see full screen lyrics that play in time to the music being tagged.


Shazam for Phone is the easiest way to identify music. Just allow your phone to identify the track, get the video along with lyrics. It’s also the quickest way to identify music and discover more about it. With Shazam one can save and listen music for about 30 seconds, see full screen lyrics, watch videos on YouTube, share tags on Facebook and Twitter, buy tracks on amazon mp3, discover new music from Shazam Friends and Tag Chart, find out when an artist is on tour and buy concert tickets, with Shazam widget you can tag music directly from your home screen and lots more.




The core features of Shazam include Shazam Friends, Unlimited tagging, Lyric Play.

Shazam Friends

With Shazam Friends you can see a live feed of your friends’ tags, add and buy tracks to your tag list. One can watch videos, read reviews and get tour info.

Unlimited tagging

Shazam allows you to tag as much as you want without any limit. So just Shazam as much as you like for music, lyrics etc.

Lyric Play

Learning a song with lyrics in front of your eyes is lot more easier than memorizing them! Shazam Lyric Play provides full screen lyrics in time with the music you are listening to. Nice way to learn the lyrics of music you like.

Shazam is the free version. The premium version of it is Shazam Encore, with exclusive features and an ad free experience. Encore is available for $4.99.

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