Reviewing the PosterMyWall App – A Social Media Graphics, Videos and Flyers Design Tool

Do you ever feel like everyone else is doing social media faster and better? Or that you’ll need a separate budget just for creating the engaging, professionally made content? What if graphics isn’t your thing, but you still need great designs? 

Let’s look at some of the features of the PosterMyWall app that allows you to create social media graphics, videos, and flyers without a high level of technical or design savvy or experience. Whether you’re building brand awareness for a restaurant, a school or a non-profit, you can pick from thousands of professionally designed templates for various categories, or you can build your own. 

It’s all about getting you what you need quickly, and making it look good. Your sale promotions – optimized for Instagram and Facebook – can be done before you finish your cup of coffee. 

What is PosterMyWall?

PosterMyWall bills itself as a “one-stop online solution for all your graphic design needs.” It offers users tools such as social media templates, graphic design tutorials, and publishing tools. The app basically allows you to create professional-looking social media marketing graphics and videos without having to be a design expert. 

The app is ideal for small businesses, event planners, bloggers, educators, organization leaders, artists, or anyone who wants to use social media as a way to market or get more eyeballs on their products, services, or events. Now, we’ll look at some of the specific features that PosterMyWall offers its customers. 

Social Media Templates 

Social media marketing is a very crowded space. There are lots of organizations vying for people’s attention and if you don’t create posts that cut through the noise and stand out, your marketing efforts will fall flat. To help you create professional-quality social media graphics, videos and flyers PosterMyWall offers social media templates with over 170,000 designs for various categories that are waiting to be explored. 

The app makes it as easy or as hands-on as you want the creation process to be. You can simply take a template that is pre-made for personal trainers or church services or a 50% sale and edit the fields to show your information. If you feel like getting a little more creative, you can use PosterMyWall’s graphics, videos, and backgrounds to create your post. 

The social media templates on the site include posts that will fit any type of social media post you need. This can include Instagram Stories, Facebook Event images, LinkedIn backgrounds, Snapchat Geofilters, Twitter Banners, YouTube Thumbnails, and much, much more. And, in addition to social media posts, you can design a host of other graphics from menus to business cards to online ads. 

The templates alone make PosterMyWall an extremely valuable tool for anyone who needs to create graphic designs for their business, organization, side hustle, or just for personal use. The app also includes other features that are equally as valuable. 

Graphic Design Tutorials

While you don’t have to be a trained graphic designer to use PosterMyWall to create stunning social media posts, you may feel like one when you are done using the app. The app offers graphic design tutorials in the form of short, easy-to-follow videos that explain the basics of graphic design. 

Depending on your skill level, you might want to explore “The Basics” and “Advanced Designing”. The basic graphic design tutorials teach you how to use the app and edit templates in order to create a post that will look like it was made by an actual graphic designer. These tutorials include videos like: 

  • How to add clip art and shapes to your designs in PosterMyWall
  • How to add audio, videos, clip art, fancy text, or photos to your designs 
  • How to duplicate elements and designs 

If you do want to go more in-depth and take your designs to the next level or go beyond just social posts, check out the advanced designing videos. Here, you will find videos such as: 

  • How to add color overlay effects, glow and border, shadow effects, or intro animation to your designs 
  • How to publish designs to social media
  • How to use keyboard shortcuts 

These graphic design tutorial videos are all around a minute-long (give or take) and show you everything you need to know about creating designs on the app. The process of creating posts is intuitive enough on its own but the more time you invest in these tutorials, the more confident you’ll be while using the site and the better and more impressive your designs will turn out. 

Building Your Posts

In addition to social media templates and graphic design tutorials, PosterMyWall also offers an easy-to-use editor to create great-looking posts. The editor helps you add animation and video to your posts, either your own or from their pre-stocked library. The app also offers specialized creation tools for some of the popular types of designs. These are menu creation tools, a schedule maker, table maker, and even a “tear-off tabs” builder to give your post an old-school, bulletin board-style design. 

Additional Features 

PosterMyWall goes beyond just creating eye-catching designs. There are also a lot of features on the app that will see you through an entire project. For example, you can easily collaborate with a team and share designs with PosterMyWall. You can also resize your designs for different types of posts with a single click. This allows you to create a cohesive brand look and social media presence. 

Sending your designs from PosterMyWall to where they need to go is easy too. You can publish to multiple social media platforms at once or schedule your posts for the optimum times. You can also do email marketing on the platform and create and send your emails out in bulk right from the app. 

Pros and Cons of Using PosterMyWall

PosterMyWall has a lot to offer but, like anything, there are some great things and some not-so-great things about the app. Here is a look at the major pros and cons of the site. 


  • Allows anyone to create professional-looking social media posts for all types of social media platforms. 
  • Offers thousands of social media templates that make designing posts as quick and easy or as in-depth as you like.  
  • Provides graphic design tutorials that quickly show you how to take advantage of both the basic and more advanced features of the site. 
  • You can create and manage all your social media and even your email, mail, and other types of marketing right from the platform. 


  • The free version of PosterMyWall doesn’t allow you access to all the features of the platform such as unlimited high-res image downloads, one-click background removal, or team collaboration. To access these upgraded features, there is a monthly or yearly fee. 
  • There are A LOT of social media templates, graphics, and features to choose from. While some people may like this, others may find it a bit overwhelming at first. 
  • Using some of the more impressive design features can be a little difficult to figure out without watching the quick graphic design tutorials. 

The Verdict 

Social media marketing in 2021 can be complicated to create and navigate. PosterMyWall is a comprehensive tool that is easy and intuitive to use that can help you thrive in this space. The designs that it allows you to create will look like they were created by a professional graphic designer and make your posts truly stand out. If you are responsible for social media marketing for yourself or your organization, PosterMyWall is a tool that will help you take your design and marketing to new heights in 2021 and beyond. 

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