Redefine Your Traveling Experience With TraveLibro

Bored with your monotonous work and home schedule, irritated getting same tastes of life every single day. Well, it’s the time to throw your work-related worries, pack your bags & loved gadgets and get your legs moving, no-not to your gym or park, but to get lost on the sand and salty water in beaches, relive with sunrises and sunsets, order from the menu you even cannot read and rejuvenate a new life within you.
More amazingly, TraveLibro has just redefined your traveling experiences, how you track your precious travel moments and share it with your families and friends.
Capturing and sharing your amazing travel life right from takeoff to the touchdown has never been this elegant, comprehensive yet integrated. “Wish you were here” won’t work anymore. Well, with TraveLibro capture and share the lifetime of your travel memories exactly the way you lived them.

TraveLibro is the first out-and-out Travel Social Networking app. It is designed to be the one stop app for all things related to travel. Right form choosing the favorite destinations to travel, to “Must Do’s” of that destinations, the app suggests you itineraries, famous cities and sites, and even allows you the select the best travel partner from the list of those available from inside the app itself.

travelibro travel app review

The app itself is neatly designed, with handy and easy to use interface, to cater your every needs- related to travel. It allows you to search for your destination, even explore country wise destinations. Moreover, its nifty features allow you to find the itineraries by luxury, budget or by romance, business, so on and so forth. Even more, it suggests you the featured sites, “Must Do’s” and list of hotels & restaurants.
The app is embedded with 2 nifty and awesome features:

On the Go Journey

If you are going on your next travel adventure but your families and friends are unable to join you, On the Go Journey feature quite fascinatingly allows you to share your travel tales, as and when you experience them and exactly the way you lived them. Simply, hit the Start Journey button and you are good to go. The app automatically creates a beautiful timeline by tracking your check-ins and check-outs, status you update, breathtaking photos you take. Even you and your buddy can share thoughts and actions throughout the day, the app automatically updates it on your shared timelines.

My Travel Diary

Travel Diary is inspired by the quote, “Memories fade. This neat feature carefully organizes all your previous travels and quite iconically, gives you feeds from them so that you can cherish, revisit and relive your most cherished moment again and again for the lifetime. Your every memorable travel tales are securely stored on the app, your travel life is always integrated and you need not worry about losing your memories.

On the other side, TraveLibro also enables you to preplan your travel programs.

TraveLibro is available to download on Google Play Store for Android users and on AppStore for iOS users.

TraveLibro has hit a quite appealing start with about 1500 well researches editor itineraries from over 1200 cities over 100 different countries.
TraveLibro gives you the chance to have access to all the tools you would need when it comes to travelling. Whether it is planning, choosing your destination, budgeting, finding travel agents, holiday planner, travel tracker etc. TraveLibro is an app which is meant for every traveler.

It is a cool app that every traveller should have on their smartphone.

Download: Android App | iOS App