Protect your Android Apps and Games Easily With Password and Patterns

Are you worried about the privacy of your Android Apps? Do you want to keep your android games and apps away from annoying people or are you in search of an app which secures your Android mobile? Here is the free and robust Android App that let you do this all with ease. APPLock is a free Android app from DoMobile that let you protect your apps, games, emails and images with either password or pattern. APPLock has user-friendly graphical interface with smooth operation.

Salient Features of APPLock Android App

  • APPLock lists all the installed apps and games alphabetically and allows you to secure your android apps, games and images as well using password or pattern
  • APPLock starts with the boot so it stands against all unauthorized access and never fails to work, it also consumes less memory and battery as it is very light in size.
  • It supports both password and pattern security methods. You can also set the time to prevent APPLock from demanding password.
  • You can set security question and answer which helps to fetch your password if you forget it.
  • You can lock/unlock all apps with one click by the choosing the appropriate option at the bottom of the app.
applock user interface

There is no doubt that APPLock is a perfect app to protect your android stuffs but still it needs some major tweaks. Most important thing is that- anyone can break the security by simply uninstalling this app from your android mobile or tablet as it doesn’t ask for the password while uninstalling. Apart from this flaw the rest features and options are simply striking, the app has got more than 6,000 5-stars rating in android market which depicts the popularity of this app.