PhotoFilter Image Editor- Nice Alternative to Photoshop

PhotoFilter is an image editing software for windows which can be used as an alternative to Photoshop. It includes all the basic tools needed to manipulate an image and draw the basic shapes as well. The software comes with various filters and color correction options. PhotoFilter is free to use for private, non-commercial and educational use. This software also supports creating of layers as we make in Photoshop.

Tools for Drawing and Image Manipulation

PhotoFilter’s tools pallet consist all the required tools to edit the image, here we can see drawing tools including color sampler, scrolling tool, line tool, fill tool, spray tool, paintbrush, advanced paintbrush, blur tool and clone stamp. We can also see shape tools, wand, lasso, smudge, blur and clone stamp tools etc.

PhotoFilter Image Editor

Filters to Enhance Image

PhotoFilter comes with various filters to apply to image and enhance the quality as well. Filters provided in the software includes artistic, deform, stylize, visual effect, aged effect, frames, edges, flatten, texture, soften, sharpen, noise, relief etc.. By using these filters we can apply various effects to an image such as pointillize, oil based paint, water color, black pencil, charcoal, tiles, mosaic, guassian blur, artistic blur, sepia and black and white etc. We can apply simple frame or 3D frame by using frame filter. Deform filter can be used give the effect of twirl or ripple to the image. The filters we have just discussed here are the most useful but still there are many filters available in the menu similar to photoshop.

Supported Image Formats in PhotoFilter

After manipulating the image in PhotoFilter we can export the image with various image formats such as bitmap (bmp), GIF, PNG, JPG, Targa, Tiff and PFI etc. It is also possible to export the image as an icon with 16 colors, 256 colors and true colors.


All in all PhotoFilter is perfect software for image editing, it can be used as substitute of photoshop for basic image manipulations.  It is light is size and doesn’t take much time while launching. You can try and buy the corporate license at