Pages- Create Beautiful Documents with Pages for iOS

Pages is an iOS application which allows you to make beautiful reports, brochures and letters. With Pages for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch you can make beautiful leaflets no matter where you are, just start tapping words and within few taps your masterpiece is ready.   It’s really that easy! Create documents like invitations, report cards, letters, resumes and lots more with Pages and you can feel the difference. Pages gives you various templates, fonts, graphs to select from. And with iCloud one need not worry about saving their work, Pages does it for you.

Pages Snapshot

Using Pages

One can start with the inbuilt templates provided by Pages. It provides 16 Apple designed templates. Whether it is a letter, invitation, report or an advertising brochure. Select the best template depending on the situation and start tapping words in the placeholder. Choose from various fonts, colors suiting your template and turn your work into a masterpiece in minutes.

Pages supports multi touch technology naturally, a fun experience to use such a function. Just turn your device sideways and type with both you thumbs and speed up. With Smart Zoom you can automatically zoom in as you type. With the thumbnail view you can be anywhere in the document anytime. And with iPhone 4S you can just speak your words and see them in your document.

Be it any document you can always add images, photos and graphics along with charts to support your content. Add photos and mask them accordingly and use shapes in your document. Insert 3D charts to bring out the stats in your page.

Easily change your text style to bring out the text you want to highlight. Just by tapping on the ruler at the top you can change the font, style, size, make titles and headings.

Format of your page can also be edited with much less effort. Use the info button to get columns, edit line spacing and ruler width in your page.

File Format Compatibility

Pages supports Microsoft Word documents and you can also convert your Pages documenst into Microsoft Word document. So you can just work on any platform.

Pages and iCloud

Create documents on any of your iOS devices and edit, complete them on other iOS device. Yes, iCloud allows you do this. And again you need not worry about saving your documents. Pages along with iCloud do it for you.

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