Numbers- Transform Your Data into Spreadsheets

Numbers is an iOS application which allows its users to prepare spreadsheets even on the move. Just think of what you plan, organize and turn it into a spreadsheet within no time using Numbers. Pick up any data you want to analyze and within few taps your spreadsheet is ready. With numbers for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch one can make excellent spreadsheets with splendid beauty. And with iCloud you can keep your spreadsheets up to date across all your iOS devices. With iCloud, Numbers allows you to create spreadsheets on any of your iOS devices and edit them on other. Just pick up any data you want to analyze and within few taps your spreadsheet is ready.

Creating a Spreadsheet

Numbers comes with inbuilt templates to make beautiful spreadsheets. It provides 16 Apple designed templates. These include templates for home, work and also for schools. Tables can be used wherever required. Fonts, color, table and chart textures have the same appearances as that of the template used. One can also add photos and images to make spreadsheets look good.

Numbers comes with some pre-sized tables which can be edited according to user requirement. One just has to select the table which fits the data properly. However the table size, rows, columns can be edited any time for data to fit properly. One can also add, delete or rearrange columns, rows and cells.

You can also add charts, tables, shapes, images anywhere in the sheet to suit your data. Text can be added to support your charts and images.

Numbers comes with Apple designed charts. One can choose from various types of charts like bar charts, line charts, area charts and pie charts. Again these charts have the same appearances and color textures as that of the template in use.

Any data you want to analyze,  just enter it on a form in Numbers. Just link a table to the form and watch Numbers update each row and column as you enter the data. That’s really amazing!

Numbers file format Compatibility

Numbers can read Microsoft Excel sheets and you can convert your Numbers spreadsheets into Microsoft Excel sheets. So you can just open your sheets on any platform.

Numbers with iCloud

With Apple iCloud services you can create spreadsheets on any iOS device. You can edit and complete them on any other iOS device. Numbers along with iCloud saves your sheets when you are not aware of it so that you don’t have to be. Just start from wherever you left it. That’s the beauty of iCloud.

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