Blog From Your Mobile or Tablet With WordPress App for Android

Are you so busy that even can’t manage to turn on the PC or laptop for your WordPress Blog management? Here is the app that is specially developed for busy geeks, to manage and maintain WordPress Blogs from both Android Mobile and tablet. That is WordPress for Android from wordpress team.

WordPress for Android is a free app which allows you to write new posts, edit posts and also manage your blog’s comments and view stats with an easy interface. The new stylish Dashboard and Action bar are added in the version 2.0 which makes you work seamlessly. Built-in notification informs you about the updates of comments. WordPress for Android provides the great mobility so that you can work while on the go- on the way to office or in park. Though it is not a complete resource to manage your wordpress blog, you can at least manage posts, approve or disapprove comments and view the stats of your website. Writing the lengthy posts using this free app is difficult and consumes time with tiny interface.

wordpress for android

One more great thing is that by using WordPress for Android, you can directly take the snaps or videos of the product you are about to explain and then update it with the post. WordPress for Android works with and self-hosted WordPress blog sites as well.

Why 4 Star Rating for WordPress for Android?

It is true that by using WordPress for Android you can work on the fly but this app needs even more tweaks. You can’t completely depend upon this android app but can use it to manage your blog comments or to have a look at the stats. According to many of its users this app has the major bug with drafts panel, drafts get disappear suddenly sometimes and needs a restart of this app to make them visible.