Manage Your Docs Easily with Nemo Documents [Review]

Do you have lots of documents in your “My Document” folder? Are you spending your precious time in finding the docs you saved? If your answer is yes then Nemo Document is one such app you need. Nemo Document inspects the folder structure and arranges your documents, images and other files as a calendar-like view similar to Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. This makes it easier to find out your document in very less time and you can search quickly with combo box provided at the top. Nemo Document is a very light app and stays in the notification area so that one could easily open it by single click.

nemodocs interface

Some Cool Features of Nemo Documents

  • One can quickly find out the document by the help of TABs. Day, week, month and year tabs are provided. This sorts the documents according to the created date and makes it easier to find out the required doc.
  • You can choose the file type such as word, excel or rar etc. to get only these types of files in the search result.
  • You can label the documents which makes it easy to work with them in future. It is also possible to add the “star” if you feel your document is most important.
  • You can search for phrases or words inside documents and combine that with other hints that you can remember about the document, such as a specific month or the file type.
  • Nemo Documents can manage various files types including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, images, video files and more.

Nemo Documents is available both for Windows and Linux platform. This is the ultimate way to locate your documents quickly. Its interface has made the software user-friendly and awesome!

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