Keynote For iOS -Make Your Presentations On The Move

Keynote is an application for iOS devices which allows its users to make presentations on the move. And with Apple iCloud one can take it anywhere. Keynote for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch provides a faster and easier way to present.  And with iCloud you can keep your presentations up to date automatically! And another amazing function is that you can create a presentation in any of iOS devices and edit it on other. Once you make a presentation it can be displayed on iPad, iPhone, iPod and projector or even on an HDTV.

Keynote iCloud

Making a presentation

One can start with the inbuilt themes provided by Apple. When you select the slides to be presented they share the same color, texture, font and background. For statistics, tables and charts can be added which also share the same appearances. Select a slide and choose its layout. Additional text, images, photos and headlines can be inserted to make your presentation attractive.

Keynote Themes

You can organize your slides just by dragging them and changing the order.  A slide navigator is always present to browse through your slides.

Keynote Slidebar

Adding images and text wherever required really helps one to make their point. One can add photos and movies from the photo app to make their presentation look good. Another interesting fact here is that you never need to worry about saving your work. Keynote does it for you!  And thanks to iCloud you can edit them on your other iOS devices too. One can also use animations and moving videos to convey the message.

Present on a bigger Screen

Bigger Screen

Video mirroring technology allows you to take your presentations on a bigger screen and HDTVs. It’s similar to presenting on your iPhone. And to highlight some things in your presentation tap and hold to get a laser pointer. One can connect the device with a video output cable or use AirPlay to stream wirelessly from iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to any HDTV via Apple TV.

Keynote Remote

Keynote remote

With Keynote remote you can make your iOS device into a remote control device to deliver your presentation as you walk around the hall. It really helps when a presentation is to be delivered to a larger audience. You can keep explaining as you walk on the dais and add to your presentation by marking out the important things in it. Keynote Remote is sold separately for $0.99.

Compatibility with file formats

Keynote File Compatibility

Keynote supports file formats like Microsoft Power Point and PDF files. So you can work on both on iOS device or a PC.

Managing and Sharing Presentations

Keynote Presentation Manager and Sharing

A document manager manages all your presentations and allows sorting them as required. You can share your presentations via emails and also print them using AirPrint.

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