iPad Pro Review : New Member in Apple Family

Apple’s latest release of iPad Pro made the headlines for many technology news outlets. IPad Pro is the new member of the iPad family, adding its set of characteristic to the most popular line of tablets. iPad Pro is the largest and the smartest iPad to date. Let’s take a look at what the new tech news are talking about.

ipad pro review


Regarding design, iPad Pro is larger in size compared to its antecedents. It is 6.9mm in thickness and it weighs 1.57 pounds. It comes with an enormous 12.9-inch screen and a resolution of 2732-by-2048 at 264 pixels per inch (PPI) which is more than any other iOS device, and it provides around 80% viewing area. iPad Pro targets the casual users who are not looking for a laptop replacement, but for a practical device that acts as one only when needed. Thanks to its size, iPad Pro can be attached to a keyboard and be used to perform light tasks. Similarly, it can be used as any other iPad as well.

Another key difference in iPad Pro’s design that new tech news are pointing out is that it comes with four built-in speakers as compared to the two speakers of iPad Air2. With these four speakers, the volume output quality is much improved. The volume is smartly balanced between the four units even when the device is held in different positions.

The battery size of iPad Pro is smaller than other iPads to compensate for the space taken up by the four speakers. The iPad Pro’s 0307 mAh battery is not inefficient; it is 40% more powerful than iPad Air 2. And it’s also a bit more powerful than Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 battery.


Regarding technology, the latest technology news has pointed out that iPad Pro is designed to enhance performance and to be more energy efficient. It has an A9x chip with 64-bit M9 motion coprocessor that is by far the most powerful chip to be inserted in an iPad. However, it’s premature to compare it with Intel’s laptop chips as per benchmarks tests. Nevertheless, with such a chip, the graphic performance surpasses those of CPU and iPad Air 2 providing additional advantages for users, such as the possibility of drawing in 3D, the ability to play the most graphic demanding games, and the possibility of multitasking with two tasks performing together at the same time.

As for the storage capacity, Apple is uncovering the underlying tech behind iPad Pro’s unique performance, which is attributed to its new storage controller that supports the import and the fast display of large files such as 4K videos and HD raw photos.

The new iPad Pro uses the most advanced mobile operating system. This operating system is the iOS9 that is customized only for iPads. It provides a smooth interface and unique multi-functioning features.  The iOS9 was introduced last September with all its powerful features in which split view, slide over, picture in picture, notification center, and an improved Siri are some few examples.

In their website, Apple notes that Siri is smarter in iPad Pro thanks to its A9X chip. However, iPad Pro doesn’t provide Siri services when the device is unplugged. Thus, the only way to interact with Siri is to connect the device to power.

General Specifications

iPad Pro comes in two models; WI-FI Model and WI-FI + Cellular model. The difference in these two models is in their storage size and cost. The WI-FI 32GB model costs $799, whereas the 128GB costs $949. The WI-FI + cellular model costs $1079 which only comes as 128GB. It is worth noting that the cost of this device is much less than what is normally expected from Apple devices particularly when newly released.

There are three different available colors for iPad Pro; Silver, Gold, and space gray. The box in which the device comes contains the iPad Pro, lightning to USB cable, and a USB power adaptor.

Review Summery

To summarize, iPad Pro like any other device has its pros and cons, however,  the pros of the device outweigh the cons by far. New tech news in most technology news outlets agrees that it is evidently a practical device that can be used as a regular tablet and which can also be used to perform on-the-go tasks. The design features an improved display area, improved resolution and improved volume quality with four speakers. The size though bigger than the other iPads, still it is light and slim. The iPad Pro technology features advanced performance, excellent storage capacity, and a great operating system. The problems experienced by users are mainly addressing the impossibility of replacing the device with a computer, the lack of always-on Siri services, but there are almost no other downsides to the device in the eyes of current users.

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