iMovie- Make Wonderful Movies with your iOS Device

Create wonderful movies on iOS platform with iMovie. You can transform your videos into awesome movies within minutes. iMovie comes with stunning graphics and awesome soundtracks and one can easily make movies. You can get various templates to choose from depending on the situation. With the multi touch experience all you have to do is just tap your fingers to get your movie. You can share your movies on the web and also share your movies on YouTube, Facebook directly from iMovie. You can use airplay to see your movies on Apple TV and switch your movies among iOS devices.

imove ios app

iMovie Trailer Templates

imovie trailer template

iMovie comes with nine inbuilt trailer templates to choose from. Whether be it a fairy tale or a superhero movie there is a template for it. There is a storyboard for each trailer which tells you what shots to use. Just type your text and insert your video clips in their place. Film a new video or choose from an existing one to create a movie.

iMovie Themes

imovie themes

Choose from eight unique themes that come with iMovie to make your movie look colorful and make it look suitable. Each of these themes comes with supporting soundtracks, titles and transitions.

Fine Tuning

imovie fine tuning

Adjust the timeline, freeze a frame or split a scene in two as per your requirement. Swipe your finger up on the screen to freeze a frame or swipe down to split a clip. On your iPad open the Precision Editor to pinch open any transitions.

Share your Movies

Share your movies on web directly from your iOS device with iMovie. You can publish your movies right from iMovie to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.  You can also send your movie to the camera roll and attach it to an email.

You can use AirPlay to watch your movies on your HDTV by streaming with Apple TV. You can also project movies on a projector using an adapter.

Amazingly you can share your movies between iOS devices and watch them on any of them. Film a video with your iPad and you can watch them on your iPhone.

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