iBooks- Reading Experience Redefined with Apple iBooks

iBooks is another resourceful application for iOS devices from Apple. With iBooks you can find over 700,000 books in the iBooks store. iBooks comes for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. You can browse by author, title and genre. Along with iCloud you can have your books on any of your iOS devices. Reading books on your iPhone is just the same as reading a real book. Highlight text, add notes, and organize those using iBooks. Search within the book and also you can access the inbuilt dictionary. With iPhone and its VoiceOver feature it can read you the contents of the book. Reading books on iBooks is more amazing than normally reading them.

Apple ibooks shelf

iBooks Reading

apple ibooks text

Reading books is a great experience on iBooks. You can read one page at a time or turn your iPhone to its side and view to pages at a time. You can go full screen and also change the text size and font for your convenience.You can highlight text and make notes wherever you feel you have to and check them out later.

You can organize them by switching to notes view. Also one can change color and use underling for text.

When you find a word you are unfamiliar with, tap to find its meaning in the inbuilt dictionary or the Wikipedia or on the web. And with VoiceOver on iPhone, it can read you any content in the book.

iBooks PDF Compatibility

iBooks supports PDF files and you can read them on your iOS device. Whenever you are mailed a PD file or you find one on the web you can open them with iBooks. You can arrange your PDFs, documents etc. on the bookshelf. Also you can sync PDFs on your Mac or PC to iPhone in iTunes.

iBooks and iCloud

With the power of iCloud you can sync your books among your iOS devices. Take a sample book or buy a book from iBookstore on your iPhone and you can read it on your iPod touch or iPad.