Google Voice Android App- Now Use Google Voice on Your Android Smartphone

Google Voice gives a very good solution to manage all your phones, that too with a single number. Initially it was implemented on computers only. Now Google Voice service is available in form of Android app for Smartphones. With Google Voice on your smartphone, you can manage your calls, make calls, texts with your google number. It uses Voice over IP technique to communicate over internet. None of your cell phone minutes or talktime will be used, thus saving money. The only thing it requires to communicate is an internet connection. So you can use your phone’s 3G connection or available Wi-Fi connection around. You can manage your home phone, office phone etc. with a single number with Google Voice.

google voice for mobile

Setting up Google Voice

To use Google Voice on your Android you need to have a google account. If you do not have a google account, you can create one. Now, you need to set up Google Voice with your google account in order to use it on your android device. To setup,

  • Move to Google Voice.
  • Enter your area code, city or zip code or a name and google suggests a number which you can use to manage several phones. You can choose any of them.
  • Create a security PIN for access.
  • Add forwarding number.
  • You will receive a confirmation call to the added number from Google.

An acknowledgment box appears confirming the setup completion. Now install the Google Voice Android app on your android device. Then choose the Gmail account associated with Google Voice on your phone or tablet.

How Google Voice Works?

As stated above it uses Voice over IP technique to connect through internet. Instead of using the traditional service provider network, it is done via internet. Thus saving your cell minutes and allowing you to make free calls and texts.

Manage your phones with single number


With this facility you can manage many phones with a single number. If someone calls your Google Voice number you can have all your phones ring simultaneously. You can manage them according to your need. And also one can listen to voicemail before answering back or get a text version of the same voicemail.

Currently Google Voice Services are available only in United States.

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