Google Maps Android- Discover New Routes with Google Maps Voice Navigation

Google Maps is now available on android phones with Google Maps Android.  Now you never have to worry wherever you go. Just search maps, places, roads, landmarks and more with Google Maps. You don’t have to carry paper maps again. Google Maps comes with free voice guided Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation. No more searching places by going to each landmark and getting information. You can find places, get reviews and rates directly from your Google Maps Android. Also you can find your friends, locate them and check-in to their places with Google Maps Latitude.

google maps android app

Google Maps Places

Decide a place you want information about and enter the name of that place in the search bar and get information about it. You can search for hotels and boarding points get fare, reviews and recommendations. One can also get 3D views and street views of places you are searching.

Google Maps Voice Navigation

Google Maps Android comes with voice navigation facility to travel anywhere on earth. You won’t need sophisticated GPS in your car anymore. All you need is an android phone and Google Maps on it. Plan a road trip and navigate with much ease.

Google Maps Latitude

You always have wondered of giving surprise visits to your loved and special ones when you go around their neighborhood. You can add friends, family etc.  on Latitude. With Google Maps Latitude you can find and locate your loved ones instantly and visit them. Isn’t that cool?

Final Thoughts

Google Maps Android gives you an amazing way to search places, navigate, locate and visit your friends on Latitude. And with GPS based voice navigation on Google Maps Android, road trips are more fun than ever. It works much better than sophisticated GPS in your car. To enjoy all this facilities you simply need Google Maps on your android phone.

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