Google Goggles- Get Information just by a Click

Google Goggles is an android application which uses images as input and searches for related information and provides appropriate results. Just click a picture of anything you want information on and let Goggles do the work. It can search for objects, landmarks, products, famous images, famous places, artworks and relative images online. It comes in handy when you do not know about any landmarks around and you want to find one. It can also find products by scanning their barcodes. Amazingly it can translate text in your language by scanning images containing foreign languages. It can recognize books, DVDs and also solve Sudoku puzzles. All you have to do is click a photo and get the information.

Using Google Goggles

Google Goggles Paintings

Start by taking a picture of any object you want information about. Goggles searches for it and you get enough information about that object. Take a picture of a painting, allow Google Goggles to search for it and see all the information about the painting as well as its artist.

Google Goggles Text Translation

Google Goggles can also scan foreign language text and translate it to your language. In the image above you can see a sentence from a picture taken has German text in it and you can see Google Goggles translating it to English.

It can also scan text and relate them to relevant things. Like here is a text from some movie, Google Goggles scans and returns the information about that movie.

Google Goggles as Product Finder

Google Goggles Books

Another instance can be books and DVDs. Google Goggles can help find you the author, price of the book, and other information. Just click a photo of the title and you get relevant results. Amazingly Google Goggles can also solve Sudoku puzzles for you. You can try lot of other things with Google Goggles. Try scanning people’s faces for instance and get amazing results and more.

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