Everything File Search Engine – Search Your Files & Folders with Lightning Speed

Don’t waste your valuable time searching for the files with windows built-in file search tool. Try the fastest files finder on the earth i.e. Everything. Everything is a file search engine for Windows. It can quickly locate files and folders by name as you start typing. Basic file operations can be applied to the results, you can sort the result by file name, path, size and date modified as well. You can also search with the options including “Match Case”, “Match Whole Word” and “Match Path”.

After installing the Everything, it will begin indexing all your files searching through all the local hard drives. Indexing process takes one or two minutes according to your hard disk size but don’t bother about it as it is one time process, the progress of indexing process is displayed in the status bar.

Why use Everything?

  • Quick installation that completes in seconds
  • Clean and simple user interface which makes the software user-friendly
  • File indexing takes hardly 1-2 minutes and only a one time process.
  • Get the result as you start typing.
  • Stays in quick launch area to access quickly.
  • Minimal resource usage and small database on disk
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Everything also supports wildcards such as ‘?.*’. “*.*” displays all files and folders, “*.ext” shows files and folders that end with “ext”, in such a way we can use many wildcards. It is also possible to exclude or include specific folders in search result. To work with this software you must need aleast one NTFS volume included in the database. Everything also supports command line options. So what are your waiting for? Just visit http://www.voidtools.com to download your copy of Everything!.