Dolphin Browser HD- A Fastest Web Browser For Android Mobiles

Dolphin Browser HD is world’s first Android mobile Web Browser that supports Gesture, Webzine and Add-on. This app is very easy to use and works faster at the same time. Dolphin Browser HD is a high-end browser that uses TAB interface to display the pages similar to Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It is also possible to change the look and feel of the browser through various custom themes. Navigating the browser through gestures makes it easy to operate with new experience and fun!.

Dolphin Browser HD has intelligent address-bar that auto-completes the URL when you write first few characters of a URL, it uses browser history and bookmarks to auto complete the URL. Most elegant features of Dolphin Browser HD includes-

Speed Dial– Speed dial arranges the website which you visit often so that next time you can quickly access those websites.

Side Bar– Dolphin Browser HD’s side bar is loaded with all the necessary tools such as full-screen mode and add-ons etc. These tools make your browsing experience even better.

Webzine – Webzine helps you to read your preferred mobile content including news, blogs and websites. It removes the advertisements so that content loads faster.

Add-on – You can install add-ons to Dolphin Browser HD. For now more than 60 add-ons are available to install., Dolphin Translate, Dolphin Reader and Dolphin Password Manager Lite are some add-ons to name.

Download Dolphin Browser HD from Android Market

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  1. ya.. i have used this browser and it is very fast indeed

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