Cards- Craft and Send Beautiful Cards with Apple Cards

Update: Apple has discontinued Apple Cards

Cards is an iOS application which allows you create beautiful cards and send them. You can use your own text, photos and personalize your card from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Choose from various inbuilt letterpress designs to decorate your card. It takes $2.99 per card sent within US and $4.99 for a card mailed outside US including postage. Be it a thanks giving or a birthday card, Cards gets it done for you within minutes. Also you can receive notifications on your iPhone or iPod Touch about its delivery provided your card  is sent within the United States.

apple cards

Creating a Card

Start with choosing a design suiting your occasion from 21 inbuilt letterpress designs. Insert your own text and customize the font. Add some pictures that suit the occasion. Write invitations, announcements and send it to one or more than one person. You’re done! Making cards is much easier with Cards.

Cards Letter Press Designs

Cards comes with 21 inbuilt letterpress designs to suit your every occasion. Choose the most suitable design to suit your occasion.

Cards Anywhere

When you’re in some other place and you want to send a photo back home you can click the pictures from within the app. Cards provides you with the dimensions of it. Also if you choose the Travel designs your location is automatically updated. You can also customize your location.

Cards Envelope

When your card is ready and is to be dispatched, add the mail address and login to your Apple Account and place the order. The card will be printed enveloped and posted with Apple designed postage. Also notifications regarding the mail being delivered will be given provided it is shipped within the US.

Cards Fabric

The cards you create using Cards is fabricated using premium cotton paper and unique printing techniques to provide a good looking texture. It’s like having your own press right in your pocket.

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