BlackBerry Applications- Top Five Apps for your BlackBerry

BlackBerry Messenger

blackberry messenger app

BlackBerry Messenger is a messenger application for BlackBerry phones. You can stay in touch with your friends at work, holiday or anywhere. It provides a pin or you can also use the unique barcode to connect with your friends. You can share text, pictures, and videos with BlackBerry Messenger. Apps can also be shared with the BBM connected Apps. Get BlackBerry Messenger on your BlackBerry phone and share what you like with your friends. BlackBerry Messenger is a free App. For more information and downloads visit


CreatePPT blackberry app

It’s an application which helps you create presentations on the move. CreatePPT comes with a user friendly interface and is very easy to use. Start with choosing a title and you can insert a number of slides. Choose custom names and titles. Arrange the slides and add captions wherever required. CreatePPT is developed specially for BlackBerry® PlayBook™. CreatePPT is a free App. For more information and downloads visit

Shazam Encore


With Shazam Encore you can identify songs and also get its lyrics. Just allow Shazam Encore to record the song and it returns you the name of the song. You can also view the lyrics of the songs you are listening to. Checkout what’s hot with Shazam’s Chart and share it by text, email, Facebook or Twitter. You can also search by artists, tracks or lyrics and watch videos on YouTube with Shazam Encore. You can get Shazam Encore for $5.99. For more information and downloads visit

AppsLock Pro

app lock blackberry app

It’s an application for BlackBerry phones with which you can restrict unauthorized access on your BlackBerry. With AppsLock Pro you can lock all installed applications like BlackBerry Messenger, Gmail and social sites. You can also lock your SMS, MMS, calendars, address books, call logs etc. Get AppsLock Pro on your BlackBerry and have total control on it. You can get AppsLock Pro for $1.99. For more information and downloads visit

GPS Tracker

blackberry gps  app

GPS Tracker is a BlackBerry application to keep track of your phone wherever it is and locate it in real time. You can track your phone and share the location with your friends and family. Also you can record tracks and export them in various formats. Get GPS Tracker on your BlackBerry and never lose your phone. GPS Tracker is a free App. For more information and downloads visit

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