AVAST- The most Popular Antivirus Software in the World!

Brief History

AVAST is one of the most leading Anti-Virus software that is securing the tech world against viruses since 1980. Avast was founded by Czech researchers namely Pavel Baudiš & Eduard Kučera, they called it “anti-virus advanced set”. Now the company has 185 employees and over 191,980,446 registered users around the world.

Avast Interface

Avast is a complete security suit that is capable to keep your computer away from harmful threats, viruses, trojans, root-kits and spywares, it also provides secure environment for online banking with its built-in SafeZone browser and protects from key loggers. AVAST comes with tabbed interface with the user friendly options. Each and every feature is prefixed with stylish icons that suit the working of respective feature. The software is designed with 7 main tabs- Summary, Scan Computer, Real-Time Shield, Firewall, Additional Protection, Maintenance and Market, each of these tabs have the sub tabs that holds the relevant options of its parent tab respectively.

Various Components of AVAST

Summary tab displays the status of every component and virus definition date as well. It warns you if any of the components are inactive or virus definitions are outdated. Scan Computer tab allows you to scan your computer with “Quick scan”, “Full system scan”, “Removable media scan” and “Selected folder scan” etc. You can also be able schedule Boot time scan here and see the scan logs here as well. Further Real Time Shields displays the scanning progress with graph and also allows you start or stop the shields. Next in the Firewall tab you can set the Risk Zone such as “Home/low risk zone” which is suitable for using your computer as part of a home/private network, “Work/medium risk zone” suits for a wider public network, including direct connections to the internet, finally “Public/high risk zone” which should be selected when your computer connects to a public network such as airports, shopping malls etc.

In the Additional Protection tab we get AntiSpam, Sandbox, WebRep, SafeZone and Site Blocking. Here in AVAST antispam feature filters the spam mails to detect unwanted emails. Sandbox allows you to surf the internet or run an application in a completely safe environment. WebRep ensures the trustiness of the content that is displayed on the browser, it works with the voting system by its global users. SafeZone is a special browser to browse the internet in a private and secure environment. Site Blocking blocks the specified sites as its title.

Maintenance tab holds the info regards your subscription the viruses that are moved to chest. Virus Chest which contains the unresolved viruses can be reported to Avast or can be deleted from the computer.

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