Apps To Boost Your Concentration

Does it happen with you that you sit down to do a crucial task which can be done within an hour but end up spending more than 3 hours for it? Do you feel that your mind keep wandering from one thought to another thereby affecting your productivity levels?  If you nodded your head in agreement all along, you need to admit that you have problem concentrating. Once you are aware about this, it’s important that you devise some strategies to overcome this problem and not let it affect your work quality and speed. In this technology driven era, there are a range of apps which you can install and improve your concentration power. Here are some of them:


1 . Stopwatch and timer


Sometimes the only way to get a task done quickly without having to spend an eternity on it is by setting a time goal for it. “Stopwatch and timer” app will help you put a time stamp on every task of yours so that you can complete it well within the time limit set by you. You will even get notified when you are running out of time. So stop distracting yourself from the tempting online deals you just saw on your favorite shopping portal. Concentrate fully on its completion with this awesome app.

stop watch timer


2. Pomodroido

The biggest enemy of most people stopping them from doing tasks on a timely basis is procrastination. They keep delaying it until they realize that today’s the last date for their completion and then start worrying further delaying their completion in quickly manner. Pomodroido is one app which will divide your work into intervals of 25 minutes separated by short breaks. The time boxing technique will help you say goodbye to your procrastination.



3. Timesheet

For today’s generation, the biggest block lying between them and the completion of their work is their browsing habit. They sit down to research on an area for their project but instead log on to Facebook first to stalk others, browse beautiful pins on Pinterest, do their online mobile recharge, download the latest movie songs and then remember what they sat down for exactly. If this sounds just like you, welcome this app in your life to save your precious time. With ‘Timesheet’ app, you can manage your projects, notes and as well as expenses. You can also export tasks to excel. The statistics will provide you with an overview of your progress level.

Timesheet android app


4. Self-control

The only block between you and your studying is resisting your urge to touch your smartphone again and again, either to check that whatsapp message or the new joke posed on the joke app which you have in your phone. Self-control is one app which will put a curb on all that and help you concentrate on your study. You can switch off some apps from your smartphone for a limited amount of time and your phone screen will switch to studying time display automatically.

Self-control android app


5. Stay Focused

  • Social media addicts who are having a major problem breaking up from them, here’s an app which will change the way you approach your tasks. ‘Stay focused’ is an app which will help you set dedicated time limits for using different apps for a limited time frame like whatsapp for 20 minutes, Facebook for 10 minutes and so on. This way you can be social without letting that interfere with your work.

stay focused android app

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