3 iOS Apps to Simplify the life of a Concerned Parent

The methods of childcare and safety are improving day by day as the improvement in technology is seen. We can see that as the era of smartphones has already approached and thus, the safety and care of your child has been led down to your fingertips. You can access and check what all websites does your ward visits, can track his/her movements when they are travelling alone and also you can quickly report your child missing case to the police in matter of seconds.

Here we present to you 3 of the must have applications if you are a concerned parent and are always worried about the safety of your ward:

Family Tracker

Are you a parent who is always concerned about the whereabouts of your child, and wish there was a way you could always know their whereabouts? Well then this application is the solution to all your problems. Not only restricted to your children but this applications lets you put in several other profiles to track, that is, your entire family if need be.

child monitoring iphone apps

The only requirement to use this application is that your child too must possess a phone with GPS capabilities for him/her to be tracked down. There is also an option for the data to be saved for a later review, in case any of your family members visits a suspicious place. The application is free but it may cost a small fee to access the tracking feature. 

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FBI Child ID

This application is created using the help of Federal Bureau of investigation itself. This application is capable of providing the parents with the facility to store the personal details of the ward, in case if the child ever goes missing. The details that can be stored in the application are, children’s photo, age, height, colour of hair, age, weight, identification mark, etc.

app to monitor children for parents

The best part about having the application is that you can send these important details along with the last seen location of your child in case he/she goes missing, in a single click to the authorities. It also has shortcuts to dial for 911 and other emergency hotline numbers as well.

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Baby Monitor HD

Are you the happy parent of a new born baby? Are you always concerned for the safety of your baby boy/girl? Well then, we might just have found the perfect application for you to have on your phone to ensure that your baby is safe at all times. This application is an efficient way to keep an eye on your baby’s crib when your physical presence near the crib is not actually possible.

apps for parents to monitor children

Baby Monitor HD is an application which help you keep track of your child via audio as well as visual feeds. The only downside to this application is that only a specific set of cameras is compatible with this application. So before buying the application, please be sure to check the cameras which are compatible with it online.

With these applications installed in your phones along with their counterpart equipments which are required, can make your phone a very powerful tool to keep a track of your child at all times no matter what age group he/she belongs to. After all this we would just like to say, Happy Parenting! ☺