8 Best Apps to Find a Lost Android Phone

With the evolution of time, mobile phones became the best friend of youngsters. Without mobile phones, it seems like something is missing in the life. Missing or stolen your Android phone seems like losing something important in our life as all the contacts, messages and some beautiful memories in the form of photographs might be attached to that phone and it may be one of the most frightening experience. It’s a treasure trove for thieves and other malcontents. But there are some effective ways through which we can find and track stolen Android phone and even can keep our sensitive or personal data from identity theft.

Track Stolen Android Phone

We cannot put stress enough on one method that protection is prevention. However, there are some powerful and effective Apps to Track Stolen Android Phone by triggering it to ring off the hook, send its GPS location to your email. Even these apps allows you to wipe out your personal data remotely. You can take a photo of the perpetrator or just record their voice with your phone’s microphone without even knowing that person.

Here are the best lost phone tracking apps.

Android Device Manager – Download

Android device Manager is probably your best option to find your stolen smartphone and it is easy to activate. It is totally free application and you just have to follow some steps to activate this app. Simply go to phone Settings > find Google > click on Security > Services > enable Remotely Locate This Device. You are done! It is recommended to use this on every Android phone as it enables and makes ADM the go-to method for finding a lost phone. It just let you locate Android devices located with your Google account, reset your smartphone’s screen lock PIN, and erase all data on phone. But it only works only if the GPS is ON.

Family Locator – Download

This app is the product of Life360. This is another wonderful app which allows you to create a collection with your friends and family, called “Circles”, chat with them and you can keep track their location via their phone. This app gives you alerts whenever circle members arrive at or leave destinations. It also lets you control who can find you or your phone but it is not a device locator rather it is a people locator. Features include like real-time location data, GPS tracking of all circle members, reliable cell phone track making this app the best app to track stolen Android phone.

Lost Android – Download

Apart from finding your lost smartphone, it also allows you to wipe and lock your phone. You can also wipe and erase phone and SD card data. This app is similar to “where is my phone” app. You can set alarm with flashing screen, send message pop up, send SMS from the web page. Other features include remote SMS alarm, SMS lock and unlock, APN control, start/stop GPS, record sound from microphone and much more.

Cerberus – Download

Cerberus by LSDroid has a wide range of features including access to the front facing camera so that you can take a picture of the thief, displaying messages on screen for thieves to read, sounding alarms, locking and resetting your phone. You can record audio of the thief from phone’s microphone and even you can hide this app from the app drawer. You can use this app for free for one week and after that, you can buy a license for your account.

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AntiDroidTheft – Download

AntiDroidTheft by Zobo technologies is a complete solution for your theft smartphone and  track stolen android phone. It has good popularity on playstore and has more than 500,000 downloads. You can view the location of your phone using GPS, track changes to SIM card phone numbers, and also allows you to take pictures of the thief without knowing him.

Pre Anti-Theft – Download

Pre Anti-Theft is completely free to use and has been around for a while that many people trust and you can protect up to 3 devices with one single account. From a single place, it allows you to keep track and trigger actions on all your devices. Using both GPS and Wi-Fi triangulation, you can find your phone on a map through geolocation. Moreover, you can take get reports with pictures taken with your device, lock your device down, display a tailored alert message on the screen, trigger a loud alarm, gather the network information.

Wheres My Droid – Download

Wheres My Droid by Alienman Technologies LLC is a pure find my app which has a 4.5-star rating and more than 10,000,000 downloads on Google Playstore. You can find your lost phone by making it ring/vibrate, using GPS location, text your attention word, GPS Flare – Location alert on low battery. Its Stealth Mode hides incoming text with attention word and it has passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes.  You can purchase its pro version which includes features like remotely lock device, wipe phone data, wipe SD card data, prevent the app from being uninstalled and much more.

Find My Phone – Download

It is itself a complete application to find misplace Android phone. You just have to send a text message to the app that it will tell you the current address and a link show you the location of your phone on Google Maps. It also allows you to remotely wipe your smartphone, gives information if someone changes the SIM card, gives information about the percentage of battery left and much more. You can get access to full features by making an in-app purchase.