7 Easy Ways To Build Your Business Android App

We should begin off with the self-evident. Your clients are on mobile. Regardless of whether in their pocket or got a handle on firmly in their hand, their telephone is dependably with them. As indicated by Bloomberg Business, individuals spend almost 3 hours every day on their cell phones or tablets.

And regularly they’re frequently utilizing an Android. Truth be told, Android endorsers make up 51.5% of the populace in the United States. So what is the ideal approach to interface with these clients? With an Android app obviously.


In spite of prevalent thinking, you don’t need to employ a designer or burn through thousands of dollars to make an app for your business. You don’t have to know a solitary line of code. You can undoubtedly make an Android app by utilizing an app-creation stage like Como.

Why an Android app is critical for your business

Helping potential clients to discover your business and building brand mindfulness

Influencing you to look present day and innovative (business apps are hot)

Giving your faithful clients a simple and accommodating approach to putting requests or book administrations.

  • Sending notices to refresh users (practically like an email advertising effort)
  • Helping your clients connect or find your store
  • Getting your clients to connect with your brand for more
  • Adding to your administrations by offering more data/amusement
  • Empowering reliability with rebates, offers and coupons

This is all you truly need to know in case you’re making an extremely fundamental business app and utilizing only the data in those connections I gave, you’ll have the vast majority of what you have to begin.


Making your format

Start another task by going to ‘Record > New > New Project’ and then finishing the means. Pick your name, select ‘Exhaust Activity’ and leave the name of the fundamental movement as it is until further notice. You can discover more itemized ventures in the posts connected previously.

The least demanding technique now is to set up the greater part of your format utilizing the ‘originator’. Begin by double tapping the XML record in Android Studio that relates to the primary movement for your app. As a matter of course, the principal action will be ‘MainActivity.java’ and your XML petition for that will be called ‘activity_main.xml’. You can discover it utilizing the traveler on the left, where it is situated under ‘app > res > design’.

Including pictures

While you can without much of a stretch include and organize gadgets like this, there are a couple of focuses where you may keep running into trouble or where things can get a little fiddly. For instance, in case you’re endeavouring to include a picture (genuinely likely for an essential business app), at that point you should utilize an ImageView. You can drag this over as you would some other gadget – so far so natural!

However, with a specific end goal to stack real illustrations into that view, we’re going to first need to add them to the venture. In particular, you should put them in the ‘drawable’ envelope, which you can discover on the left under ‘app > res > drawable’. Right tap on that and select ‘show in wayfarer’ to open up the envelope. You would now be able to include and expel pictures as you would typically. Add any that you intend to utilize. I’m including a horizon of London that I took a while back as it would seem that something you may see on a motivational business publication.

Transform a web page into an Android app

A WebView is another view/gadget that does what it says on the tin. This gives you a little program window, which you would then be able to point to any site that you need. That implies that you can make an ‘app’ that truly just demonstrates a web page. You get the chance to code in HTML and your clients will be unaware generally. This additionally implies it will be naturally refreshed at whatever point you refresh your site and it implies you won’t have to do any additional coding. It’s a cop-out however it’s a brilliant one in the event that you simply need to get an app in the Play Store rapidly.

Including communications

In case you will get favor, at that point you may need individuals to have the capacity to really collaborate with your app. Fortunately, this isn’t too hard either. To do it, you basically need to come back to ‘activity_main.xml’ to alter the ‘onClick’ property of a given view. You can do this by means of the properties window, or through the XML code. Pick your TextView and then enter ‘onBusinessClick’ into the field alongside ‘onClick’.

Sending your app for $$$

There is one all the more rather essential thing you’ll have to do, however – gather and discharge the app! A decent place to get data about this procedure is from the official documentation from Google. It’s entirely straight forward; you’ll have to spare the app as a marked APK with its own symbol and then make a posting in the Play Store. Testing your app is another marginally fiddly process, however, there’s a lot of data on that accessible online as well. The simplest choice is to ‘assemble APK’ and then simply introduce it on your physical gadget (emulators can be a torment).

Test Your App, AGAIN.

A moment round of testing is basic. In this round, you will have both a working app and in addition a UI to test. Every one of the screens of your app ought to legitimately work now, and your app ought to be outwardly appealing also.

You have to run a battery of tests on your app in its finished shape to guarantee that both the look and the vibe of the app live up to your desires. Proto.io and Pixate are awesome stages for testing your app. Both of these projects will enable you to add interactive connects to explore your app. They will enable you to analyze the last layers, connections, and outline of your app too. You can utilize the data you get from this testing stage to enable you to push ahead.

Modify and Adjust

You’ve taken your model for a turn, and you’ve discovered that there are as yet a couple of changes you have to make. Since you’ve seen your app in it’s completely working structure, you have to get back to the troops and request that they do likewise.


Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Alliance International IT – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Digital Marketing Services, Web Designing and Android Development.

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