5 Virtual Reality Apps to Enjoy 3D VR Content on Your Phone

Virtual reality is basically abbreviated as VR and is basically a man-made environment that allows you to feel as if you are present in that surroundings. There are various Virtual Reality apps that are for the android users. But now some Virtual Reality apps can even be enjoyed by the iPhone users. There are various Virtual Reality apps and here are mentioned some of the apps.
virtual reality 3D content apps


Here are 5 Virtual Reality apps that must be downloaded and give a try:

Vrse Virtual Reality app

This app is a perfect choice for any kind of 360 degree recordings and it also encounters as if all are truly natural thing. It has been upgraded very soon as often as possible. All of the movies that are live in action and hence VRSE produces such stuff that are of the most perfect quality that any other portable VR found in different devices. It also shows movies that were made for the UN all about Syria, immersive news-casting from different News channel and many more. This is just the beginning. The most latest is a joint effort with the New York Times known as Take Flight and also components any semblance of Michael Fassbender as well as Kristen Wiig.

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Sisters Virtual Reality app

This app for iPhone is the creepiest applications among the others for Cardboard and is additionally now accessible even for iPhone clients. The first individual ghost story is the Otherworld Interactive’s experience and is for all the portable VR users. In this app you will find yourself completely alone in a totally spooky house in between a storm. These doesn’t destroy anything more.

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Zombie Shooter Virtual Reality app

zombie shooter virtual reality 3D app

This game or diversion does whatever it embarks to do. It allows you to shoot the zombies that are present in VR. It is totally careless and is a fun set in metro mazes after any kind of end of the world. Hence, there is nothing weighty except for the design or graphics that are very pleasant. It will not bother you with any kinds of controller. It simply allows you to look to shoot. It is totally free and nice to see these VR games launched in the App Store.

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Dino Trek VR App

Dino Trek VR App_

There is a lot of CG encounters to experiment with the iPhone as well. These are not simply games. This app is very much useful for the families. However it depends on you on the off chance that you need to stick any Cardboard viewer before your children’s face. It fundamentally gives you a chance to get amidst some wonderful dinosaur activity whether that is battling or simply chilling.

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Orbulus Virtual Reality app

Virtual Reality Apps 3D VR Content android ios

Orbulus is the very famous Virtual Reality app for your smartphone. It allow in exploring different places almost everywhere starting from the Sydney Opera House to the Paris during the night time, the china town situated in San Francisco or even the interior of the washing machine. This will help you go to the places where even the Christopher Columbus would be quite jealous of. The great graphics allows this very free app worth the huge download of 216MB.

The best thing is these apps are free of cost at the App Store. The iPhone users must not be worried about downloading any apps as these are free. There are many more Virtual reality apps that are free of cost and present at the app store. It is a wonderful experience the games in reality. These apps are amazing and must be tried at least once. It looks best when tried on an iPhone. It surely has much needed power for processing to show a person a movie in the effect of virtual reality, or in order to play a very simple Virtual Reality game.

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