5 Best Android Games Like Candy Crush Saga

Are you looking for best android games like Candy Crush Saga? As Candy Crush is one of the best game ever released on android play store and has become a mobile game sensation since it was released for the first time 5 years ago. When it was released in 2012, it revived the classic match three puzzle genre. Firstly it was released on Facebook by GamePlay and after getting huge success on Facebook, the company decided to launch this game on both mobile platforms – iOS and Android. It crossed hundreds of millions of download on app stores and soon it’s getting its TV show.

Awesome games like Candy crush saga

Since its release, people are more devoted towards this game. But playing same game with repetitive things might get you bored. So here came with a list of best android games like Candy Crush which you can play.

List of 5 Awesome Games like Candy Crush Saga


Indy Cat Match 3

This wonderful game is the official product of PlayFlock and is free to download. Although it is a lesser known match three game but has managed to cross 1 million downloads since its release. In this game, you have to complete levels by matching shapes, collecting cat themed relics. Some other features like diverse gameplay amazing graphics, entrancing music, Facebook synchronization and other features makes it the best android game like Candy Crush Saga.

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Bejeweled Series

This series of games by Electronic Arts has many android games like Candy Crush which are arguable the original match of Candy Crush Saga. This series includes Bejeweled Blitz, Bejeweled Classic, and the newer Bejeweled Stars. You can just go to the link above and download any of the games  from the series. You will find some similarities and some differences, but will not get bored while playing any of the game. The games are free to download. But contains in-app purchase.

Jelly Blast

Jelly Blast is designed and developed by Microfun and is another best android like Candy Crush Saga. This game has wonderful and colorful graphics, adorable animals and a lot of puzzles which makes it very interesting. There are a plenty of levels and leaderboard to track your friends, compare scores with them and you have to match shapes and a ton of boosters will help you along the way. Moreover, there are hundreds of candy filled levels and updates every month, up to 10 spin on the Candy Wheel to earn magical boosters, gold and much more. Even you can easily sync the game between mobile and tablet devices.


Puzzle and Dragons

Although this game has crossed only 5 million downloads yet, but still its a good android game alternative to candy crush saga. It was fairly popular in Japan when it was first released by Gung Ho Online Entertainment. But after the worldwide popularity, it has become one of the bigger names in the match three universe. This is a multiplayer game with which you can invite your friends and you have to deal damage to the opponent every you create and match three idea with combat.



Threes –

Threes is free to download and also has a paid version of $2.99. This game was officially designed and developed by Sirvo LLC. This game is not as close to candy crush as others mentioned above and has crossed only 100,000 downloads on app store. But still it has a 4.6 star rating and its a best game like candy crush if you really get bored from Candy Crush Saga. In this game, you will be matching two corresponding numbers to create bigger numbers. That means you match a two with another two to make four and then match that four with another four.


Summimg Up

Although these games may not give a good feeling as you get while playing Candy Crush Saga, but still games are best android games like candy crush. These games will never get feel you bored. As everything has its pros cons, these games may also have some cons too.