5 noteworthy android apps that you must try right now!

Here we bring to you the top 4 noteworthy Android mobile applications for the week. This is a short list of 4 must have and must try mobile apps for android.

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Google Trips is a fantastic travel application for the explorer who wants to travel anywhere and everywhere. It instantly plans out your entire journey and sophisticatedly organizes your trips. It can include local food, weather, discover new interests / sights and track your travel information along with flights and hotels. Trips work efficiently even in the offline mode (if you pre-download the places you want to go). It easily arranges all your essential info at one place.

What can the app do?

– Is available offline

– Provides activity suggestions

– Grasp your Gmail info about a trip

– Automatically load info to your itinerary

– Customize your day plans and travel reservations

– Provides day plan, to do things, food and drink suggestions

Install the app from this link: GOOGLE TRIPS MOBILE APP




Swipe Widget for Facebook by Happening Studios is a highly-customized, theme-able, and a beautiful widget that offers you with scrollable feeds to view your Facebook Notifications & Messages right on the home screen. This is an awesome alternative to the official Facebook mobile application.


Swipe Widget includes tons of theme options like Material Dark, default Facebook Blue, and AMOLED Black all for free. The other color theme options can be unlocked with a one-time in-app acquisition. The paid themes include Transparent Light, Transparent Dark and much more.

Install from the link here: SWIPE WIDGET FOR FACEBOOK MOBILE APP



This app provides you with language learning services via a game-teaching combination. It allows you to learn German or English as a secondary language through instructional videos and activities.

How does it work?

On the Piggy Island, Red and his friends are proving themselves in a bold adventure to save their beloved eggs from the hungry pigs. Children of 8 years and more can playfully learn the languages by watching the in-app funny Angry Birds videos.

After all, it is all learning with joy and experiencing the success in grasping a language which is highly motivating, creates a passion for learning and also forms a means of sustainable progress.

Install from the link here: ANGRY BIRDS LEARN ENGLISH MOBILE APP



AccuBattery by Digibites tests your smartphone’s battery capacity in to check if it has deteriorated or not. The real battery capacity test is measured in mAh. It also includes the tools for live reporting & battery life projections. The battery of a smartphone is an essential component that generally wears out the fastest. Hence, AccuBattery keeps an eye on its health. Its Battery Alarm feature tells you when to stop charging your phone to prolong its usable life and health.


The app can be installed for free but for a limited time period. One can also upgrade to the pro version that is available at a minimal cost. with features like no ads, historical data etc.

How it Works?

AccuBattery app measures the exact battery usage via the battery charge controller while other apps are in the foreground. it looks up at the battery discharge speed and also the battery consumption per app to make accurate battery stats in the notifications.

Install the app from this link: ACCUBATTERY MOBILE APP



Google’s split screen implementation in Nougat is fabulous and it’s not necessary to have the same app on both sides of the screens. Parallel Windows can mirror an app to put two copies of it on the screens at once. Though not every app is compatible as of now.

What it does?

If you happen to be a fan of the split-window mode in the Android Nougat, then there’s a good chance that you may find this app much worthy. As of now the app does the following 3 things:

– Render an onscreen shortcut to toggle the split screen
– Launch any new app in the split-screen mode via the floating mini app drawer
– Mirror an application

You can easily run two windows of almost any app on a phone and more than that, many windows of an App on a tablet.

Install the app from this link : PARALLEL WINDOWS FOR NOUGAT

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