3 Reasons Every Musician Needs to Have an App

Music doesn’t sell like it used to, a few years ago. In the age of streaming, not only album sales are plummeting but music downloads as well. Resultantly, at the end of the day, music bands and artists are left with just an insignificant fraction of royalties. So how do music artists make up for the unrealised revenues?

apps for musicians
In such a scenario, a branded artist app has emerged as a viable channel to reach out to fans, engage them and make a lot of money too! Whether you are an independent artist, a music band, a DJ, or just a song writer, your fans want to connect with you on a more personal level. It might not sound that appealing to a layman. But ask true fans, and they’ll tell you the psychological urge to stay connected with their favourite artists. And when it comes to creating and delivering personalised experiences, a mobile app does it to the hilt! Here are 3 key reasons every music artist should go the app way.


Apps work great in notifying the fans about the upcoming music tours and events. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, the younger generation is more driven to have immersive real-time music experience leading to a surge in music concerts and live events. By updating their app event calendar, artists can create buzz around their upcoming albums or music events. Further, push notifications and in-app messages work great to connect with fans and keep them in the loop of the latest happenings. A branded app not only helps you keep up with the expectations of existing fans but also helps you grow your following.


With APIs, it has become easier than ever to integrate an app with social media channels. A content publishing app creates a win-win scenario for the artists and the fans alike. An app is like an artist’s personal platform to connect with his/her fans and for the fans too, it’s a space to feel up, close and personal with their music ideals. It lets the fans access every little thing about their favourite artists in real time – Tweets, Facebook posts, and other data feed of their whereabouts. Artists can also think of feeding their followers with behind-the-scene snippets – Studio recording, jam sessions, sneak peek into new albums, live shows, and bloopers! Let’s get this straight – The smart amalgamation of apps and social media can take your promotion a notch up and get you ahead of the game!


For music artists with a decent fan following, getting a million installs is not a big deal. And once an app crosses the million download mark, it can be monetised in so many ways – Offering direct-sale tickets to the upcoming events, selling their own exclusive merchandise or just letting other brands to use their in-app space to advertise their products/services.


Besides the money, an app presents a tremendous opportunity to the artists for building greater rapport with their fans and followers. Unlike regular apps that are abandoned sooner or later, branded artist apps have a much longer life.
While going the app way, choose an android publishing app that features built-in CMS letting you make hassle-free updates in your app, as and when you want it. And if you think developing an app is a time consuming affair, let us tell you, with an online app maker at your disposal, creating your own iOS and Android mobile app will take as much time as finishing your coffee.