10 Free Software That Should Be Default in Your Windows OS

If you have a new Windows operating system installed on your computer or you just bought a new Windows machine, do not just go downloading free software that you see on your browsing activities. You will only slow down your computer within the first month. And what’s even worse is that your Windows could be infected with adware and malware in the process.

Minimize the senseless installing of software if you could avoid it. Go for the ones that are really useful to you in your everyday usage.

free software

Here is the list of free software that should be installed on your computer. Note that even if they are free, they are far better than their paid counterpart and even function like a full version. That is why they are highly recommended.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Although there is a native browser inside the Windows system called Explorer, it is hardly the choice of people as their primary browser because of its sluggish performance and not too friendly features.

If you want to watch videos and other rich content over the internet, Google Chrome is the best choice.

But if you prefer downloading videos from YouTube and other media streaming sites, Firefox is the best option for you. You do not need to buy YouTube Downloader app just to enjoy this feature. Just visit their Add-ons page hidden in the settings menu. You will see that there’s more to this browser than meets the eye.

GOM Player and VLC

Best video players ever. No paid softwares can compete with these free softwares. Enough said.

Format Factory

If you want to convert your multimedia files to another format, this beast can do it for you. You can even choose your own preferred size and bitrate. Install this and see for yourself how much features this little media converter offers. You will not need another converter ever.

WPS Office Free Software

Microsoft office is expensive and this free software offers the closest user experience any office suite can give you.

Adobe Reader

A reader for your PDF files. Trust me. You need it.


This is a powerful free software to use for every compressed file (zip, rar, iso etc) that you download. This is way better than Winrar in every form or application. It can even be used to find some malware inside your system or USB if you know how to use it.


This is the most lightweight mp3 player ever, consuming only 5-15mb of RAM and almost zero footprints in CPU and only 1mb when downloaded.

Though it is not as beautiful as other popular mp3 player in terms of user interface, this is very useful when you want to maximize your system resources for that heavy gaming experience while listening to your favorite music. Your computer will hardly feel the presence of this free software yet still rendering a crisp music audio experience.

NOX Android Emulator

When you need an android emulator design solely for gaming purposes, this is the best by far. Even Bluestacks will be left behind.

Do you have other free software suggestions that you think should be included in the list? Tell us why in the comment section and we’ll consider it.

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