10 Best Travel Apps to Turn Your Trip into an Unforgettable One!

Have you noticed the rapid improvement in travel technology? Since few years, this industry, in particular, has made the travelers safer and more informed by cutting through the barriers. The best part of a vacation is perhaps the anticipation of what is going to happen. Once the tickets and hotels are booked, all you need is a travel bag and your smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones have become an integral part of traveling. If you have planned an exciting trip in this year 2017, here a list of 10 apps (including  Google Trips, GPS Travel Route Finder etc.) is given to make your travel more enjoyable.

Best Travel Apps

  1. PackPoint:

Packing is the most important task before a trip. Now get your packing done easily with the help of the app PackPoint. It helps you to organize the things you require to pack in your luggage based on the duration of your travel, weather of the place you are going to visit, and the activities that you are eager to undertake during your tour. It considers the type of your travel (business or adventure), your planned activities, requirements of an international trip and many other things to suggest you the things you should not forget to carry with you. It also offers packing tips.

  1. GPS Travel Route Finder:

GPS Travel Route Finder is a single app which has a bunch of features that can make your travel a memorable one. With this app, you can find anything you want like hotels, banks, ATMs, restaurants etc. You can track the speed of your vehicle to avoid any kind of mishap. Apart from this, the app offers weather prediction, compass, and altimeter. This is one of the most beneficial travel apps that has so many important features.

  1. Google Trips Travel Planner:

Google Trips Travel Planner helps you to make your traveling organized and smooth. It organizes your essential info into one single place and makes it available even when you are offline. With the help of this app, you can get automatic trip organization benefit, check flight details, hotels, make your day plan and other things.

  1. Guides by Lonely Planet:

Are you planning a trip to a new city? Then Guides by Lonely Planet is the most helpful app for you. Basically, it offers the budget recommendations and quirky cafes for your journey. It also provides you a number of sightseeing or hot spot options to double the excitement of your traveling.

  1. Flight stats:

With the help of this smart app named Flight Stats, you can plug in your flight number in order to find out important information such as flight delay, terminals, and gates. Even, you will be able to see the flight paths with the help of Flight Stats.

  1. Airbnb:

Airbnb is a unique app which helps you discover a new city or even re-discover your home city. You can choose from over 2.5 million homes in almost 192 countries worldwide. You can search homes by amenities, price, and neighborhood, get in touch with the local experts, discover best restaurants, secret sports, and many other attractive places. The best part of this app is that you can share your experiences to show other people the beauty of the city, update your listing and you can message the guests and manage their reservations with this app.

  1. Circa:

When we travel long distances and need to cross the time zones, often we become confused about the correct time. Circa helps you to keep a track of more than one time-zone in a flexible manner. Even if you are going for a business trip, you can schedule meetings on Skype with clients belonging to different countries as you can find the exact time of multiple countries.

  1. Polaroid Swig:

Time flies. No one can stop it from flying. But, you can capture the precious time you have to spend during a vacation. And for this, you need the app Polaroid Swig. It makes your travel photos alive. It is able to capture one-second moments live whenever you will touch on the image. Now, you can share and create your interactive photos with a simple tap.

  1. Duolingo:

Duolingo is an app that is full of bite-sized lessons and games that can help you to learn how to read, write, listen and speak a language you are not familiar with. This app contains almost 27 languages. It is a very useful app for those who often go to foreign trips.

  1. XE currency:

You can use this XE currency app to get the information of live exchange rate; even you can check what you are spending before going for further purchase. This is a free app that you can use on your iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android, and Firefox OS devices. It is one of the most effective travel apps.


A Final Takeaway:

Technology has made our life easier from multiple perspectives. The travel industry is immensely blessed with the advancement of technology. The travel apps listed above can have great contribution in making your traveling experience better.

Are you thinking of any other travel app that can be listed here? If so, then share your thought with us!